Downtown Promenade

Auburn, WA

This Greenroads project in Auburn, WA incorporated low impact development technologies and features a decorative pervious concrete for stormwater infiltration. This 20,000 square foot project is a mix of pervious concrete, standard concrete & colored concrete. The kahlua colored bands that cross the street, as well as the Harvest Sold parking lanes area are all pervious concrete separated by standard concrete paving. The installation of the new sidewalks along South Division Street varied from 10 feet to 20 feet in width with concrete pavers to form a decorative grid pattern. All the rain that falls within the Promenade is infiltrated into the ground below the road instead of entering the stormwater system and treated on site through the porous concrete.

The # 3 intersections are multi color concrete paving. They are cut in a 2’x2’ grid with the rings being acid stained. Even the walkways have concrete base with sandblasted concrete pavers on top. The combination of light-colored pavement and porous pavement will not result in the typical “heat island” effect caused by asphalt roadways that absorb more heat. This will create a more comfortable climate during warm and hot days.

This is a beautiful decorative pervious project as well as traditional concrete paving and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

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